Almost every town along the Susquehanna River has experienced flooding, including my hometown, Nanticoke. Neighboring Nanticoke is Wilkes-Barre, where my mom lives, and where my gallery spot is located. Over 65,000 people were evacuated from Wilkes-Barre alone, many have gone to local hotels, high schools and colleges for the weekend. The levies were built to withstand waters up to 41 feet. The river is expected to crest at 40.8 feet in Wilkes-Barre tonight around 2:00A.M.

The first photo shows the levies in front of the Market Street Bridge.

The second photo is the Susquehanna River near the Market Street Bridge.

The third photo is a cemetery in Lawton, located on 267 south bound.

The fourth is a photo of two deer caught in the Current by the 8th Street Bridge in Wyoming.

Fifth is flooding in West Nanticoke.

The last photo is a map of Wilkes-Barre at the Market Street Bridge. The little green dot is where the Art Seen gallery is located, which is where I have most of my artwork displayed, along with over fifty other artists. Since I’m not in town, my Mom and brother hauled down there quickly to grab my work, since the area had to be evacuated by 4:00P.M. Many other artist’s came by for their work, but a handful of works were still left. I was told that volunteers stayed and moved artwork to the higher points of the gallery, which was a very kind dedication of time I’m sure.

I highly dislike the fact that I am currently not in the state because I would rather be helping people right now, not watching from a computer screen and trying to get updates through an online news feed. Many of my friends helped plenty of people today, and a few are volunteering at the local Red Cross.

I hope everyone stays safe.

This post is posted on Thursday 8 September 2011.
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